• Elena Brown about early learning

    Michal Juhas

    Elena Brown, a member of our Parents Community, shared her experience with early learning.

    She started with flash cards when her son was only 2.5 months old because it's much easier to start with kids before they can crawl away.

    Every day, they try to do:

    • Watching math DVDs
    • BrillKids
    • Little Musician
    • Little Reader

    They have lots of picture books and read together every day. Elena ❤️ reading and tries to read to the little one as much as she can!

    On Spotify, they have a playlist with classical music which they listen to.

    Elena plans to start the encyclopedic cards program later on.

    In her childhood, she was actually homeschooled and liked it so much that she's going to homeschool her son, too.

    We discussed what are the benefits of homeschooling, for example:

    • The ability to follow child's passion.
    • The opportunity to go deeper in some areas.
    • The opportunity to get mentors and be in touch with older people who help develop social skills even better.


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