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    Glenn Doman from The Institutes For The Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) wrote a book to guide parents how to teach their children math. At first, I thought “Whaaat?! How can a 2-year-old baby do math?” Now, after reading the book and talking to parents who did it years ago I think “Oh, why did I not know it sooner?” Here are some of Doman’s findings: Facts & Rules Have Fun! These days we count everything we can with my son. Cars on the street, coins in a wallet, pens on a table. And we do simple equations constantly, too. Consistent and not stressful – that’s exactly a math program I like! Indeed! Quantity Recognition Steps Surprisingly, in the learning of mathematics, tiny children have a staggering advantage over adults. They can recognize quantity up to 100, while adults can hardly up to 20 dots. Quantity Recognition Equations Problem Solving Numeral Recognition Equations with numerals We Started Teaching Our Kids Math It’s been lots of fun! We started with the math cards (quantity recognition), jumped to equations and my son loved it. At first, we kicked it off with the simple sessions (flashcards with dots 1-5), as recommended. My daughter doesn’t seem to enjoy these dot flash cards at all at this point. With my son, Marko, I wanted to experiment with a different approach. Since he’s 4 years old, he can already count, so I assumed he’s a little bored with the basic counting. We jumped to equations and use the calculator, too. He loved it! 💥 #gameChanger We spent 40+ minutes in the evening doing the equations. Afterward, Marko wanted to practice the word flashcards. This all happened before we spent another 30+ minutes reading aloud. Two hours had gone like a snap of the fingers! Marko woke up and the first thing he wanted to do was to do equations! At 8 am we spent 30+ minutes doing the math, then grabbed breakfast and then he wanted more. Another 20 minutes spent -- all before 10 am! He has so much fun, he’s laughing and is happy when he gets to the right conclusion on his “computer” (= calculator). Download The Flash Cards Now you can download the math flash cards here in the Downloads. Free, of course! Enjoy Actions: Get this book on Amazon. Download the dot cards in the Downloads section.