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    What a different world our kids live in!

    Michal Juhas

    I like playing with new tech gadgets but couldn't get Amazon Echo nor Google Home here in Thailand. Quite frustrating!

    So I got one while visiting the US recently. Welcome to the family, Google Home :-)

    It took a while to get used to it. My wife's favorite activity is setting up a timer while cooking. I only use it to play music, although it has many more options.


    "OK Google, play music."

    It feels a bit awkward, even after a month.

    But not for the kids!

    Our children, especially the older one (4y), adopted it really quickly. Without hesitation, without fear.

    I noticed they use different--much more personal--language when talking to Google. While I say


    "OK Google, stop playing."

    My son Marko says:


    "OK Google, turn off music, we're going to school."

    What a personal connection, right? I would not bother explaining the device why to turn off and where are we going.

    The other day we all were sitting in a taxi, driving to school. After the morning rush settled down, Marko said:


    "Daddy, we forgot to tell Google to turn off music!"

    I was wow'ed by this sentence. While I perceive Google Home just as a "device", the kids talk to it like to a friend. Wonderful and scary at the same time, right?

    What a different world our kids live in!

    What seemed so futuristic when I was a child 20-30 years ago, becomes a casual reality for the kids today:

    • Super-powerful personal computers (=smart "phones" and tablets)
    • Voice-controlled devices
    • Artificial intelligence powered toys
    • Unlimited high-speed internet connection anywhere
    • Real-time personal & group messaging
    • An abundance of online courses, video content, audio books, ...



    "OK Google, publish this blog post." 😏

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